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Church Governance

Faith Lutheran Church of Rotonda West is governed by a group of nine members of the congregation elected at the Congregations annual meeting. Members serve three year terms with three elected each year. Church Council members elect the officers of the congregation with each member serving as an officer or liaison to one of the church committees. The current Church Council President if Mr. Larry Bennett.

Larry Bennett

Vice President
Ruth Ash

Treasurer, Finance Committee Liaison
Lois Burger

Recording Secretary
Debby Porter

Congregation Pastor
Pastor Brian Armen

Worship and Music Liaison
Ruth Ash

Education Comm. Liaison
Art Hanson

Stewardship Liaison
Tom Jackling

Evangelism/Publicity Liaison
John Schleede

Fellowship Liaison
Jim Hardenstine

House and Property Liaison
Dave Gray

Financial Secretary
Cathy Lamb